Live streaming of the Playstation 5 event!

Welcome back to Digidreamers with this live streaming preview of the Playstation 5 event.

Initially scheduled for June 4th and then postponed due to the particular situation in the United States, the event dedicated to Sony‘s new console will be held tomorrow June 11th and you can follow it in preview with us.

The Japanese Colossus tells us that the event will be pre-recorded and will be broadcast at 1080p – 30fps and emphasizes that the event should be followed with a good pair of headphones!

The show features interesting audio effects, and it may be more difficult to appreciate them by relying on the speakers of your laptop or smartphone.

This emphasis on audio brings us back to Mark Cerny‘s words about using 3D audio through a new technology called Tempest 3d AudioTech.

Here you can find our post about the aforementioned presentation by Cerny and Here the introduction to Dual Sense, the new Playstation 5 controller.

See you tonight at 9pm (GMT+1) to discover together the Future of Gaming!

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