DualSense is the Playstation’s 5 joypad

Sony has finally revealed the final version of the Playstation 5 controller and has started shipping it to the developers.

According to what revealed by the Japanese company, the 3D Tempest (The Audio Cipset of Ps5) and DualSense, will offer players a sense of involvement never experienced before.

Let’s now go to the few but interesting confirmed or partially confirmed features.

  • Haptic Feedback which according to what Sony said will add a variety of different sensations during the game (probably incorporated in the L3-R3 sticks);
  • L2-R2 are Adaptive Triggers that allow you to feel the tension of the player’s actions (the act of stretching the string of a bow or loading a fireball);
  • Improved ergonomics and reduced weight (although we still don’t know how much);
  • Long battery life (but also in this case we don’t have specific data);
  • The Led has been moved from the front of the joypad to the two sides surrounding the touchpad;
  • The Share button becomes a “Create” button assigned to the creation and sharing of game content (no further information);
  • DualSense is also equipped with a group microphones, which will allow players to join a voice chat without having to use headphones.

Do you like the new Playstation 5 joypad?

Do you find these, innovative and revolutionary features, or are you more interested in the aesthetics of the controller?

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