PlayStation 5 unveiled?

The Sony conference has just ended but again leaves a bad taste in the mouth of those who expected a release date, a price or at least an image of the new console.

Mark Cerny offered us an extremely technical conference with an avalanche of details on the hardware and software features of the future Sony console.

Among the many features presented by Cerny we have:

The 825 GB Custom SSD

Confirmed the backward compatibility with Ps4

Confirmed the use of Ray Tracing

3D audio through a new technology called Tempest 3d AudioTech

A very interesting insight into previously announced features without anything really new.

Apparently we will have to keep waiting but we at Digidreamers will keep you company during this wait with the latest news on Playstation 5 and on the world of gaming. Below you can find the video of the Sony conference.

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