Lies of P – Pinocchio in a “Soulslike”

Lies of P is a soulslike Action-RPG that blends and reshapes the classic children’s story of Pinocchio with the purulent gothic horrors of Bloodborne. Developed by Round 8 Studios (Bless Unleashed) and published by Neowiz, the game is expected to arrive on Google Stadia, PlayStation 5, Windows PC and Xbox Series X in 2023.

Lies of P would seem to propose, as the guiding thread of the whole narrative, the journey that should lead Pinocchio to emancipate himself from his puppet form and become human. So far, it all adds up, except that the narrative universe where the story takes place is presented to us as afflicted with some sort of deseas. Right from the start, we see what appears to be a European city covered in snow and death, that city is Krat.

It is in this atmosphere, as decadent as it is fascinating, that the figure of Geppetto moves, an elderly man who heads towards a Gothic cathedral, dragging a chest with him. Will there be Pinocchio, the lying mannequin from Collodi’s fairy tale, inside?
We can only speculate, while what we know for sure is that this trailer ends with Geppetto who, in front of his creation, pronounces the words “Wake up son” and so the protagonist of our story comes to life. Elegant Renaissance-style clothes and a mechanical arm, these are the first and only details about our protagonist that this trailer gives us, but they leave us pleasantly struck by the aura of charisma and mystery that they can give him.


Pinocchio meets Bloodborne

Gehrman and Geppetto in a duet

Lies of P - Pinocchio

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Here you can find the new Teaser Website dedicated to this highly anticipated title.

Lies of P New Trailer – 08.11.21

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