Decktective – Bloody-red Roses

In a Deck of cards, a mysterious case for true Detectives.

“The noise of a carriage breaks the silence surrounding the Tudor mansion. The duke Edward York, just arrived, makes a gruesome discovery: count Ferdinand Tudor lies lifeless next to a bush of bloody roses. What has happened? Is it a tragic accident or a brutal crime?”

After Unlock and Pocket Detective, here we are again talking about the latest investigative card game we got to play. Last night we tried Decktective – Bloody-Red Roses with some friends and, of course, today we are here to let you discover it too.

Decktective Box

Collect the clues: a broken pocket watch, an astrology manual, the winning ticket of a horse race… Can you put the evidences together to solve the mystery?


Decktective is a game for 1-6 players lasting approximately 1 hour. We recommend it to be played either alone or in groups of up to 4 players. Our game lasted about 2h (3 of us played it).
While sharing the type of game and the investigative atmosphere with Pocket Detective, it stands out from the latter for the gameplay mechanics and the very interesting idea of the crime scene recreated in 3D by combining the box with some cards.

Like Pocket Detective, we recommend it to those who are passionate about Cooperative Investigative Games with simple and immediate mechanics. Perfect for introducing new players to the world of board games.

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