Pocket Detective

April the 12th  – Thursday Morning

When you arrive at the University you are greeted by uniformed agents. They explain the situation to you:
Victor Crow’s body was found by a janitor at around 7:15 am. The door to his office was wide open.
Forensics and the coroner are already at the crime scene.

A mysterious crime, hidden clues to collect, suspects to question and elements to connect.
All the information you are looking for is behind those cards but to get to the arrest of the culprit you will have to show great cunning and intelligence.


Pocket Detective is a series of cooperative card games which will test your deduction, for 1-6 players, age 10+.

We recently told you about Unlock!, the Escape Rooms table series, published by Asmodee. If Unlock! has amused you, we recommend you try Pocket Detective which, while detaching itself from Unlock!, shares some features.

In the Pocket Detective game series, players take up investigations of different tangled cases and mysterious stories. Players are gathering clues, interrogating suspects, performing arrests and matching pieces of information to successfully solve the case.

During each turn, a player chooses one of the cards available this turn. These cards can represent a Clue, a Location, Witness Interrogation, Special Action, Arrest of a Suspect etc. Using the cards, which were received during investigation, a player discovers what actually happened. The objective is to solve a case in a minimum number of turns.

Released in 2019, this small pocket detective should only be the first in the Pocket Detective series. We played it in 4 players and we had fun. Its practically non-existent rules, together with its extreme portability and cheap price, are the main strengths.

We recommend Pocket Detective to those who are passionate about Cooperative Investigative Games with simple and immediate mechanics. Great title to introduce even newbies to the board game.

If you want to buy Pocket Detective, at the best price, you can do it through our Amazon link and at no additional cost you will support the growth of our platform. Thanks and see you next time!

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