5 Anime / Cartoon for Quarantined Nerd

Nerds in the time of the Corona

Is back!


Here are Five Anime / Cartoon on Netflix recommended by Digidreamers in these days of quarantine from Coronavirus.


N.B. Also recommended in case of Zombie Apocalypse.

Rick and Morty

Take a hair of Dr. Emmett Brown, a bolt of Bender and one of R2-D2, the nail of the big toe of Isaac Asimov, pour everything into the Tardis, let them travel for a few seconds in the intergalactic space-time and the result is Rick and Morty!
Simply brilliant!

Love, Death and Robots

18 sci-fi episodes of varying duration (from 5 to 20 minutes), each of which was created with a different animation technique.
Tim Miller and David Fincher, respectively author and producer of this masterpiece, gave us something never seen before in the universe of adult animation. A blaze for the eyes … and for the mind!

Death Note

What if you could kill anyone on the face of the earth by simply writing their name in a notebook in the complete anonymity of your room?
Would you have the courage to execute all the criminals who plague this world?
Would it be fair?
What if someone tries to stop you?
This is what happens to Light Yagami in one of the best supernatural psychological thrillers ever.


From the distant two-dimensional screen of a Nintendo console in 1989 to a high resolution streaming platform, the leap is remarkable. This is the feat accomplished by Castelvania, yet another (fortunately) audiovisual adaptation of a cult video game.
Castlevania is an animated television series created by Warren Ellis based on Konami’s video game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. The series tells of Trevor Belmont who must defend Wallachia from Dracula and his creatures of the night.

Attack on Titan

Humanity lives barricaded within walls erected to protect itself from the Giants. No matter how hard they try, humans fail to eradicate the threat of these bloated creatures. However, what would seem to be one of the most banal narrative plots ever, finds its strength in mystery.
Who are the giants? What they want? Where do they come from? How did all of this come about?
An addictive series!
Currently you can only find the first season on Netflix. Second and third seasons are available on Amazon Prime Video.

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