5 + 1 TV Shows for Quarantined Nerds

Nerds in the time of Coronavirus – We’ve got your backs! Digidreamers has had a huge debate on this one, but here’s our top pick that will make you forget all the sh*t outside!


N.B. Also recommended in case of Zombie Apocalypse.

The Witcher

 In our opinion, the best television adaptation of a videogame ever made.
Geralt of Rivia’s character, the protagonist of this TV show, was born from the pen of the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. A series of novels that inspires a video game series that inspires a television series and who knows what else … Unmissable!


 The most famous detective of all time and his faithful assistant, Dr. John Watson, chasing yet another mystery to be solved around the streets of London. But Sherlock, no longer in the Victorian England, is now investigating in modern-day London! Four seasons to watch all in one breath!

Black Mirror

 Can technology change our life so deeply?

Episodes apparently unrelated to each other actually have a common thread that binds them all.

What is the impact of technological evolution on everyday life and on reality as we know it? Visionary!

Ash Vs Evil Dead

 A laugh and a little relaxation is just what we need after looking at Black Mirror and here it comes the old Ash, for all Nerds nostalgic of the 80s and 90s. Well yes, Ash Williams is back, after 18 long years, to face the darkness as only he can do! … oh well let’s say he trieshe does his best


 It is not the usual TV show about superheroes, it is not the usual TV adaptation on the bat man. Gotham is much much more, and there is no Batman in this Gotham. This time Batman / Bruce only serves as an outline to the story of the birth and evolution of the most famous criminals in Gotham City. The Penguin character, played by Robin Taylor is undoubtedly one of the most inspired Penguins ever.

Black Mirror – Bandersnatch (Bonus Digidreamers)

 Did you know that there are interactive contents on Netflix? Bandersnatch is one of them. Every gamer should watch it at least once. Once, however, it will not be enough to satisfy your curiosity and you will watch it again and again to change this or that detail trying get to a differend ending. One of the most interesting hybridization experiments between TV and Videogames in recent years.

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