Strixhaven lands on MTG Arena

The new expansion of Magic the Gathering is finally a reality and will arrive in digital version for MTG Arena on April 15th, while for the paper version we will have to wait until the 23rd of the same month. Before going to find out more about this new expansion, we want to announce that starting from June the Forgotten Realms universe will also become part of the Magic family with the first expansion dedicated to the world of Dungeons and Dragons, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms!


“We wanted to create a world that for the first time, in the entire Magic universe, was entirely guided and ruled by magic; that everything on that plane could be “imbued” with arcane power. In all this the Strixhaven Academy represents a meeting point for all talented students who want to study magic and improve not only their knowledge but also the skills associated with it.”

Dough Beyer (Principal Game Designer)

We are on the plane of Arcadia and it is the Strixhaven Academy of Magic, with its five arcane schools, that forms the wizards of the future. The five schools of Magic are descended from as many Houses, each dominating a combination of two of the five elements of the Magic the Gathering universe.


Lorehold‘s motto is “Leave no Stone Unturned”, it is represented by the red and white colors and studies history through the analysis of archaeological finds and the evocation of spirits who died many years earlier. They literally deal with bringing the past back to life, through the evocation of ancient spirits, brought back to life within historical monuments and statues. Furthermore, each school was founded by one of the ancient dragons who gave their name to the academies themselves; the first of these is Velomachus Lorehold.”

Doug Beyer (Principal Game Designer) e Mike Turian (Principal Product Designer)



Prismari‘s motto is “Express yourself with the elements” and is the equivalent of an “art school” in which you can, in fact, express your creativity with elemental magic, represented by the color blue and red. This academy was founded by Galazeth Prismari, a mighty dragon who likes to go big and an advocate of witchcraft as an expression of creativity.”

Doug Beyer (Principal Game Designer) e Mike Turian (Principal Product Designer)



“The Quandrix school motto is “Math is Magic” and is the combination of the colors green and blue. It is focused on the power of numbers within the nature that surrounds us. The creatures that are part of it are real living fractals and the students use their research to obtain power from the fundamental forces of nature. This academy was founded by Tanazir Quandrix, a dragon obsessed with symmetries and the power of mathematics who is hidden behind magic.

Doug Beyer (Principal Game Designer) e Mike Turian (Principal Product Designer)

Adrix and Nev


Silverquill‘s motto is “Sharp Style, Sharper Wit”and is the oratory academy, represented by the colors black and white. The creatures that come from this academy are made of living ink. This school uses the power of words and can influence the tide of a battle through inspiring poems or biting arcane slurs. The founder of Silverquill is Shadrix Silverquill, a dragon who keeps the balance between light and dark.

Doug Beyer (Principal Game Designer) e Mike Turian (Principal Product Designer)



Witherbloom‘s motto is “Get your hands dirty” and is represented by the colors green and black. Its students derive their power from the essence of living beings, which they can then use to exploit the surrounding nature or to improve it. Its founder is Beledros Witherbloom, who studied how to absorb energy from living creatures in order to convert it into powerful magic.

Doug Beyer (Principal Game Designer) e Mike Turian (Principal Product Designer)


Strixhaven‘s Mechanics

is a set based on sorceries and instant spells, so with the Magecraft ability, every time you use one of the two, you receive bonuses. For example, in the Dragonsguard Elite card, every time you do this, you put + 1 / + 1 counters on it and you can double them with six mana, making it grow in power very quickly.


Lesson & Learn

“The good thing about setting Strixhaven in a school of magic is the fact that it’s universal: all Magic players have gone to school and are familiar with the concept of “learning” and we wondered what could it mean as a game mechanic. When you learn, you acquire new knowledge, so within a game of Magic, you can get some cards from outside the game, that is, part of the side deck, by placing them directly in your hand; alternatively, you can discard a card and draw another.”

Mike Turian (Principal Product Designer)

Professor of Symbology

And what faculty have you chosen? Will you be following Professor Tanazir Quandrix’s magimath lessons or will you join Professor Zaffai’s class to get lost in the notes of his electric and flamboyant symphonies?
As far as we are concerned, it is Breena the Demagogue of Silverpence who has attracted our attention with her poetic declamations. It will therefore be “Sharp Style, Sharper Wit” the Digidreamers motto for this new expansion of Magic the Gathering!

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