Role-playing games to save yourself from Quarantine

Nerds in the time of Corona is back!
This time we are back with the emperor of role-playing games: Dungeons and Dragons!

The idea is to:

  • Explain to everyone how the role-playing-game, today as never before, can be the spark capable of igniting the flame of social interactions that in these days of quarantine is fading even more;
  • Introduce newbies to the fantastic world of RPG;
  • Let the D&D players, who still do not know it or have never tried it, discover the fifth edition.

Since the quarantine is separating us physically, we wanted to offer you some resources and pieces of advice on how to embark virtually on an epic adventure with your friends, without having to spend a dime.

What is Dungeons and Dragons?

Do you remember the bedtime stories they used to tell you as children before going to sleep? How many times have you been rewriting the ending in your dream?

What if by reading Homer’s Iliad at some point, while reading, you were able to impersonate Achilles yourself, changing his fate and therefore avoiding his death? You would certainly also change the events narrated in the subsequent Odyssey and probably the history of the Hellenic world as we know it.

Shall we talk about Ned Stark? Being able to make different choices, would you still end up headless anyway?

Now imagine being able to live any of these adventures but to live them together with your friends. Each with its own story to tell that is interconnected with yours, making it even more intricate and full of unexpected developments.


This is Dungeons and Dragons!

It will be one of your friends, in the role of Game Master (GM), that will guide you through the narrative universe in which your story will take place (Homer’s GreeceGame of Thrones fantasy Middle Ages etc …). You and your fellows will have to solve the mysteries, fight epic battles, or perhaps devise the darkest machinations to vanquish your companions and take over the power!

Below you can find a list of completely free materials and resources for your digital sessions.

Basic rules

  • The basic rules of the Fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

Virtual tabletop

  • There are free virtual platforms that simulate the game table, the dice rolls and all those physical objects that you need during the game sessions.. Roll20 is the best!
    Among other things, it provides the ability to play video conferencing without having to use third party software.
  • D&D Beyond gives you the opportunity to manage all aspects of your campaign.


Looking for adventures for your group? On DMs Guild you can find many and when you have played them all, a simple search on Google will make you discover hundreds more.


  • Rolling dice is incorporated on Roll20;
  • You can also roll them here;
  • The voice assistants of your smartphones can roll dice. Just say to Google: “Ok Google, roll one dice of 12” !

Video Online

Just a little search on Youtube and you will find an avalanche of D&D games. From small groups filming their home game sessions to RPG’s masters like Matthew Mercer or Chris Perkins.

Did you know that they also play D&D?

To conclude, we leave you with this interesting article on how to organize an online D&D session.
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