New free contents for Dungeons and Dragons

Once again Wizards of the Coast and Dungeons and Dragons are the protagonists of a fantastic initiative in this period of economic uncertainty.

Indeed, “STAY AT HOME. PLAY AT HOME”. New content is added daily to the official Dungeons and Dragons website, completely free of charge.

Today, however, they exceeded all the expectations!

From today for a limited period of time it is possible to download the introductory adventure to the Fifth Edition, Lost Mine of Phandelver. Not only that, the same adventure is also downloadable for Roll20, and D&D Beyond.

For those who have not yet tried Roll20, here are some images to understand the potential of the app and the great gift that Wizards of the Coast has made to all of us locked at home because of this Coronavirus.

Maps, Monster Encounters and Non-Player Characters(NPC’s), with lots of images for the Dungeon Master to share with the players and much more.

We, at Digidreamers, will keep an eye on the Dungeons and Dragons website regularly and keep you updated on the juiciest contents.

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