Citadels – A game of Medieval Cities, Nobles and Intrigues

Welcome back Dreamers! Today we would like to open a new chapter in the history of Digidreamers with the addition of a new section dedicated to Tabletop Games.

The game we have chosen to inaugurate this section is Citadels, a card game with a medieval setting, created by Bruno Faidutti and originally distributed in France in 2000.
In Citadels, players use local citizens to acquire gold coins and build neighborhoods that will complement their medieval cities. In the end, the player who built the most impressive city will be declared the winner!

Citadels Collection

The kingdom needs a new Master Builder and you are among those who aspire to this prestigious position. To be chosen you must impress the monarchs by building the most majestic medieval metropolis, and to build your city you will need the most disparate characters. Will you hire an elusive Thief to steal resources from your rival or will you hire the architect to build various neighborhoods quickly? Only the best city will procure the title of Master Builder for its creator.

Citadels Draft

Published on 25 languages and nominated for numerous awards, Citadels is considered one of the greatest card games of the modern era. We believe that its fame is more than deserved but that at the same time, like many other board games, it is not known enough by that huge slice of the public that loves board games but does not go beyond the classic Monopoly, Risk and Taboo.

Citadels Hand

Let us know if you like this new section dedicated to Tabletop Games and if you are interested in buying a particular game but would like to know more first. In case you liked Citadels and would like to buy it, please use the link to Amazon you find on this page and, at no additional cost, you will contribute to the growth of Digidreamers! Thanks and see you next time!

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