Captain Tsubasa will return on August 28th

Ten years after the last title, Captain Tsubasa (Holly and Benji) is getting ready to go back to console!

The worlds of Soccer and Anime converge in Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, based on the renowned Captain Tsubasa series. The game chronicles the athletic exploits of Tsubasa Ozora as he plays out his love for the game and advances through the ranks of multiple Soccer leagues. Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions immerses players in an action packed soccer game that features exhilarating gameplay, over the top signature shots and accessible gameplay.

Don’t expect the footballing accuracy or the realism of Fifa and PES, Captain Tsubasa is an Arcade game. All the old fans of the anime and manga know that Captain Tsubasa bases its success on the spectacular nature of the game actions (defying all laws of physics) and on the charisma of the protagonists.

Digidreamers is looking forward to wearing the shirts of Hyūga Kojirō, Ōzora Tsubasa, Misugi Jun and all the other champions in the new videogame incarnation of the Yōichi Takahashi manga. And you? Do you like the idea of an arcade soccer game or, when it comes to soccer, are you more likely to realism?

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