Baldur’s Gate 3 – No more Italian translation?

Baldur’s Gate 3, the highly anticipated sequel to one of the most beloved role-playing game sagas of all time, has generated great excitement among fans worldwide. However, there is a shadow looming over the Italian gaming community: the translation. While Larian Studios and Asmodee Italy had promised an Italian localized experience on day one, it seems that uncertainty reigns supreme. What has happened to the translation? Let’s explore this mysterious situation, keeping in mind that not all mysteries lead to a happy ending.

In the distant year of 2021, publisher Asmodee Italy unleashed a wave of joy in the hearts of Italian gamers by announcing the Italian translation of Baldur’s Gate 3. Fans were ecstatic, envisioning exploring the game’s universe in their native language without any issues. However, fate often holds surprises, and in this case, the surprises seem to be unfavorable.

With the imminent release of Baldur’s Gate 3, I wondered why there was an eerie silence among the most prominent Italian gaming publications regarding the Italian localization of this RPG, as promised by Asmodee Italy. I took a look at all the platforms where the game can be pre-ordered, and to my dismay, my suspicions were confirmed.

The distribution platforms, with a mocking tone, list one by one all the game’s languages, explicitly stating that there will be no Italian translation. Are these merely cruel jokes or confirmation of unfulfilled promises?

Minsc BG3

In a digital world full of instant communication, expecting an official word from the developers would seem like the easiest thing in the world. But when it comes to the Italian translation of Baldur’s Gate 3, silence seems to be the order of the day. Both Larian Studios and Asmodee Italy appear to have vanished their words into a pitch-black abyss. Italian players seek answers but are met with only gloomy silence. Will this be a sad epilogue to this adventure?

All the clues suggest that the game will not be translated into Italian, at least not on day one. However, I am convinced that the translation will eventually come, and we Italian players will have to endure a year before we can enjoy Baldur’s Gate 3 in our native language. Personally, in 2023, with artificial intelligence advancing rapidly, I find it ridiculous that we cannot have even a minimal Italian translation. I don’t think anyone is demanding Italian voiceovers, but having subtitles for dialogues and a translation of texts and interface seems like the bare minimum.

And you, Dreamers, what is your opinion on this intricate issue of the Italian translation of Baldur’s Gate 3? Do you believe the game will be released on day one already translated into our native language, or do you think the translation will be released later?
Or perhaps you fear that Italian players are destined to never be able to enjoy Baldur’s Gate 3 in their native language?

Share your opinions in the comments below. I am eager to hear your hopes, fears, and expectations regarding this situation that has sparked heated debates among Italian players of Baldur’s Gate 3.

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