Baba Yaga – The Witch of the Woods on Playstation 4

Baba Yaga is the latest addition to the heroes of Smite, the free MOBA of the Hi-Rez team. It will land on Playstation 4 tomorrow 21st April 2020.

According to tradition, the devil’s grandmother.
In Slavic languages, baba means “old“, “grandmother“. Baba Yaga is represented as an ugly and petite old woman, with a large misshapen nose, long teeth, bony legs and tangled hair, who lives in a small house resting on hen’s feet.

In some stories it is a demon that eats children, or greedily amasses precious metals while in others it is also willing to help travelers … not without asking for something in return.

She lives in an elevated hut that rests on two hen’s feet, served by his invisible servants. The keyhole of the front hatch consists of a mouth filled with sharp teeth; the outer walls are made of human bones.

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