The Game Awards 2021

The time for The Game Awards 2021 is approaching and the show will be broadcast live, from Los Angeles, on Friday 10th December at 01.00 a.m. (CET + 1). You can follow it with us by clicking on the video player you find below. In the meantime, we will see who was last year’s winner and who, according to Digidreamers, deserves to be the winner this year.

The games nominated for the Game of the Year title at The Game Awards 2020 were:


The Last of Us Part II – Naughty Dog/Sony Interactive Entertainment;

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Nintendo;

Doom Eternal – id Software/Bethesda Softworks;

Final Fantasy VII Remake – Square Enix;

Ghost of Tsushima – Sucker Punch Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment;

Hades – Supergiant Games;


The last of Us 2

The Last of Us Part II won, winning, not only the title of Game of the Year, but also that of Best Game Direction, Best Narrative, Best Audio Design, Best Performance (Laura Bailey in the role of Abby), Innovation in Accessibility and Best Action-Adventure Game.

While acknowledging the absolute value of the winner, The Last of Us Part II, our personal Top 3 would have been different and we want to share it with you.

Ghost of Tsushima – Sucker Punch Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Last of Us Part II – Naughty Dog/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Hades – Supergiant Games

While we loved Naughty Dog’s work on The Last of Us Part II, our winners for The Game Awards 2020 were the guys from Sucker Punch Productions with Ghost of Tsushima. Furthermore, we could not fail to include in our ranking for 2020, Hades, the multi-awarded Indi from Supergiant Games. Hades is a game that initially made us fall in love with its art direction but which immediately managed to keep us glued to the screen, also thanks to its gameplay mechanics, always engaging. Highly recommended!

Ghost of Tsushima - Jin

Game of the Year 2021

Let’s go now to see which are the six games nominated for the title of Game of the Year 2021 and to decide who should be the winner in our opinion.


Let’s start by saying that this was the year of the next-gen consoles but surely not of the next-gen games. Aside from Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and Returnal which use some Playstation 5 features to a limited extent, it seems that we will have to wait for the truly next-gen games for a while longer. Having made this due clarification, here is our podium.



GOTY 2021

Resident Evil Village – Capcom

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment

It Takes Two – Hazelight Studios/Electronic Arts


Yes, Resident Evil Village is our winner, among the nominees for the Game of the Year 2021. A game that we could, at the end of the first year of the next-gen, define old-gen.
It does not matter the next-gen when you have a title like Resident Evil Village in your hands. The Eighth chapter of the Resident Evil saga and first true sequel, as it continues the story of Ethan, which we have already seen in his predecessor Resident Evil 7. Four fantastic macro-areas inspired and very detailed, enemies and variety of situations that never bore the player, a well-constructed plot and a very rich lore, always well-placed twists, what else to add? In our opinion, the “old-gen” still has some very good cartridges to fire before the end.

Most Anticipated Game 2021

To conclude, here are the nominations of the most anticipated games and our winner.


Those who follow our channels are well aware of the love we feel for what is called the “soulslike” genre. The writer tried the first Dark Souls relatively late compared to its release date and was instantly blown away. While very curious about what the final result of Starfield will be, we are waiting for nothing but Elden Ring!

Elden-Ring Featured

For those who haven’t read it yet, we would like to point out our personal point of view on what the “soulslike” genre is, which you can find by clicking here.

We thank you, as usual, for making it this far and we hope you enjoyed this article. Let us know in the comments what your personal rankings are and, if you are interested in purchasing one of the games we have covered above, click on the relevant icon at the bottom. You can buy the game at no additional cost but at the same time let us feel your love as we will receive a small percentage of the sale from Amazon. Happy Gaming everyone!

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